Interested In Becoming a Mobile Site Reseller?

Looking for an affordable, outsourced way to develop your website? If you were, you’d want to consider contracting with someone whose business is to resell mobile websites. By mobile websites, of course, I mean sites that are optimized for viewing and navigation on an array of popular mobile devices, as opposed to sites that display clearly on laptop or desktop machines but become scattered, compressed or simply impossible to view on a mobile device like an iPhone or Droid.

And by “resell mobile websites,” I mean outsourcing certain web design duties to a third party, then reselling their product under your own brand to a client who has hired you for your site design or hosting services. A mobile website reseller program is a great plan for webmasters or web designers who want to make a significant residual income, or for web designers who feel that the demand for their work has outpaced their ability to deliver on schedule. Better to deal with a mobile website reseller, or to become one yourself, than to begin letting clients slip away due to sheer volume of work.

Reselling mobile websites through various companies often involves buying into their proprietary web development or web hosting platform, which can then be integrated with the web design tools you already use. Then you can use their support network and their toolset to streamline and speed up your site development workflow. You’ll be paying them for the privilege (remember, you’re not just selling but REselling) of course, but it can be a worthy investment for some. Ultimately the idea is that you’ll resell mobile websites such as these on your own as a means to improving your profits.

If you think the challenge of learning to resell mobile websites is right for you, then congratulations! You may have a great opportunity to make increased profits doing something that, presumably, you already do very well.

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