Internet Marketing Strategies


The internet has become a very powerful medium for sales and marketing, but internet marketing does not work in quite the same ways as traditional print advertizing media. Learning the different techniques unique to internet marketing can take a long time, but there are professional advertizing agencies out there that can help you to bridge the gap between traditional marketing media and the new venues and techniques that the internet has to offer.

Nearly all internet users will search for a product online, and 40% of them will follow up on social media before purchasing a product. A solid majority of internet users will begin their search for a product with a search engine, rather than a company website or other source of online information. Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is one of the most important at present. Most search engines, Google included, use keywords entered by users to find web pages. These engines find and rank webpages based on the frequency that they contain these keywords, ranking those with the highest keyword frequency the highest. Most people never get past the first few results a search engine turns up, so ensuring that your search engine rankings are high can have a great impact on your webpages’ traffic and thereby its sales. Organic click through like this brings 25% higher traffic rates than paid links, like sponsored ads.

Social media and mobile optimization are also becoming increasingly important. Google’s first “tweet” on Twitter was binary code for “I’m feeling lucky.” Social media advertizing is not about luck, but taking advantage of a medium that easily brings your products and business before a wide audience. Right now, about 70 million people use internet ready mobile devices, so it is becoming increasingly important to bring a mobile optimized website into your internet marketing strategy. Successful internet marketing in the modern era involves bringing all of these things into a single campaign or company strategy.

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