SEO Reporting Tools

Search engine rankings

Nearly every adult in America performs a search engine search each day, and 100 billion searches are conducted every month globally. Most internet users will use search engines to find products on the internet, and almost half of these people will continue their search with social media. Almost 60% of people will start their product search with a search engine, rather than company websites or social media sites. Marketing in a way that will take advantage of this enormous volume can make your business very visible and can potentially greatly increase your business volume. Search engine optimization is a marketing technique that seeks to do this.

Google is one of the more important search engines
on the internet because it is one of the most popular. When they started, they used LEGO bricks to build the housing for their server, but now they have grown into a multi billion dollar multinational that has helped to create the modern internet. Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is a way of boosting your “Google ranking” or search results ranking. SEO techniques find which keywords are most associated with your products or services and integrates them into the text content of your website or other internet content.

When you use SEO, using SEO reporting tools can help you to keep track of what kind of content or keyword is most effective for you and your business. SEO reporting tools help you to spend your money more efficiently. If you are a marketer, SEO reporting tools help you to serve your clients better and to get a competitive edge. SEO writing, SEO reporting tools, and effective website design and social media use are all tools you can use together to help to make yourself succeed in business online.

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