Why Contract a Company That Resells Mobile Websites?

Many people still focus a huge part of their web marketing campaign on traditional websites. It is true that most businesses now understand the importance of a three pronged approach when spreading their presence on the internet. Utilizing SEO, social media, and email in tandem makes for increased web traffic. The missing component is optimized mobile access. If you do not have a site that is streamlined for mobile users looking to companies that resell mobile websites can be a huge step forward in growing your web traffic. Here’s why.

1. People are Addicted to Their Mobile Devices

According to EdTech, 84 percent of cell phone users cannot go a single day without checking their phone. When people cannot go a day without a cigarette they are called addicts. The fact of the matter is that global mobile data usage grew by 70 percent in 2012 and continues to rise in 2013. If you do not have an easy to find, easy to use mobile website, how do you expect to take advantage of this captive market? Mobile website resellers can help you take advantage of these trends.

2. Mobile Platforms Are Overtaking PCs

EdTech reports that smartphone usage grew by 80 percent in 2012. The Huffington Post reported in February of 2011 that sales of smartphones had overtaken the sale of personal computers for the first time. The tech blogging site eWeek writes that PC sales are meant to drop another 7.8 percent in 2013 in place of rising popularity of mobile platforms like smartphones and tablet computing devices. PCs are quickly becoming a niche item for hardcore gamers and traditionalists. Even businesses are making the switch to more convenient, more mobile tech devices. Many of them use a mobile website reseller program.mobile website res to optimize their own customer engagement.

3. Intuitive Design is Key to the Mobile Market

Chau at Betterment writes that there are several important factors to take into account when designing a mobile website or application. Even with the popularity of mobile devices, the fact is that they are not always the best for reading traditional web content. Many devices do not like links, videos, and websites that work perfectly fine on a desktop computer. Chau states that using “simplicity, not scarcity” and making access as efficient as possible are the best ways to skirt these issues. She advises that designers should get inside the head of potential users. What would they want to see? How would they like your site to work? Companies that resell mobile websites understand how to craft these intuitive experiences.

With the geometric increase in the popularity of mobile computing devices, it is not difficult to understand why many businesses are still behind the times. Joining a mobile website reseller program is a great option for companies lacking a marketing department with the knowledge or resources to craft a mobile experience. Specialists that resell mobile websites understand all three of these key components and can help to grow your web business substantially.

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