Having a Hard Time Generating Online Customers? Better Web Design Can Help

Did you know that 400% more small businesses have increased their social media budget as have decreased it? According to Search Engine Watch, web companies are spending between $750 and $7,500 a month for SEO efforts like blogging and email marketing expertise. After all, 56% of companies have acquired at least one customer through their blogs. Further, 70% of small business owners spend only three hours or fewer each week on their email campaigns, even though email remains a huge source of conversions. They need help.

Web design, like blogging and email campaigns, is a hugely important part of web advertising. The difference in success between a company with great web design and those with poor web design is huge. If your company is not using web design to provide your potential customers with an intuitive, engaging web page, then it is likely to miss out on potential revenue. Here are three website designing tips that can help improve your web marketing success.

  • Consider Mobile Users
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    Over the last decade, the mobile market has exploded. 91% of Americans, according to Pew Internet, now use a mobile phone. 56% have a smart phone they use to connect to the web everyday. This explosion in popularity has led to 88% of search marketers describing mobile internet use as “significant” or “highly significant” to their advertising efforts.

    The fact is, as Mobile Marketer points out, many mobile devices remain unable to process websites in the same way as desktop browsers. If your company does not use mobile websites design, then they are likely driving away crucial mobile users who could have become customers. For instance, a web page that takes more than five seconds to load, according to the New York Times, will likely be skipped over by mobile users. Clearly, one of the most important website designing tips is to make sure your business has mobile optimized websites.

  • Do Not Neglect Meta-Data
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    One thing that has not changed with the rise of mobile technologies is the continued importance of search engines. In fact, Search Engine Watch points out that mobile technologies are driving increased search engine traffic. Creating mobile websites is not just about usability; it is also about making your website easy for mobile users to find. According to WordStream, using meta-data tags, like titles, descriptions, and keywords, can improve your search engine ranking. Since 18% of search engine clicks go to the top ranked link, you definitely want to increase your search engine rank.

  • Make It Easy to Use
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    Regardless of whether a user is trying to access your site through a mobile device or through their desktop PC, the fact remains that your website needs to be intuitive and easy to use. As ConversionXL points out, the easier it is for users to navigate your website, the more likely it is they will return to use it over and over again.

Keep these website designing tips in mind to vastly improve your web marketing success. If you do not have the resources or in-house skill to do these things for yourself, do not worry. Mobile website resellers and professional web design firms exist for exactly that reason. However you do it, get it done as soon as possible to improve your business.

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