What Can Search Engine Optimization Do for You?

Online marketing

Without Google, search engine optimization would not be the massive giant of online marketing it currently is. Google has allowed search engine optimization, often referred to as SEO for short, to becoming a leading tool in landing more traffic to websites through consistent creation of strong, relevant content. It only makes sense, then, to learn that Google receives between 65 and 70 percent of the entire Internet search engine market share.

Using search engine optimization allows your website to appear high up in the Google rankings by having many websites link to it in their content. This makes your site relevant, which is what the PageRank algorithm program measures in order to deliver accurate results to search user. PageRank is named for Larry Page, who co-founded Google with Sergey Brin in the late 20th century.

The famous Google “doodles,” specialized and often interactive art work shown in lieu of the usual company logo, have become a cultural force throughout the web. Page and Brin take full credit for the very first doodle, an image of the Burning Man, which was created as an out-of-office message as the two attended the famous festival in Nevada. Today, doodles are typically created to commemorate a holiday or birthday of a famous inventor or artist.

Innovations and quirks like this have very nearly made Google simply a universal among web users in general. In fact, nine out of every 10 web users now begin their online sessions by using a search function. Which search engine do they typically prefer? Google, of course.

If your company has not embraced the mighty power of Google yet, you are missing out on untapped revenue potential. Think about it: If you have a company blog and you post semi-regular updates, you are creating more pages. More pages means more indexed pages in the PageRank system, which means a higher chance of discovery.

Search engine optimization is more important than ever now that people tend to searches to research a specific company or product rather than visits to the company website or social media page. In fact, about 58 percent of customers say they use Google to help them discover more. Only 29 percent visit a company site, and only 18 percent inquire via social media platforms.

So, as you can see, search engine optimization is here to stay. For now, at least. Get involved with SEO and see what it can do for you.

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